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BYO Co-Baking Studio


HK | Overseas

Business Type: Co-Baking Studio/Workshop

Franchise Fee: Upon Request

Franchise Info

Local/Overseas Franchising
We are now actively looking for overseas partners to bring BYO to your city/country.
Franchising is a proven and trusted way to expand your business and grow your brand. At the same time, it provides individuals and companies the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise, experience, methods and processes, thereby minimizing financial risk and increasing the chances of successfully owning a business.
As an industry pioneer, the BYO co-baking brand is committed to using technology to promote self-service culture and hopes to bring the emerging leisure baking trend to more cities.
We welcome like-minded overseas entrepreneurs. If you are interested in becoming our partner and believe you have the ability to succeed in the new generation industry, please fill out the Franchise Form below to contact us.


Are You a Good Fit?

If you have a strong business background, want to own an emerging franchise business outside of Hong Kong, have passion in the business and brand, good leadership, then you may be suitable for running a BYO.

Why Us?

BYO is a leading pioneer in the industry and a popular brand in Hong Kong. By joining us, you can directly adopt a proven successful business model to run a business, effectively avoiding the stumbles on the road to starting a business on our own and reducing unnecessary risks. Owning a well-known brand franchise store can save a lot of marketing costs and ensure a certain amount of exposure and brand awareness. Utilizing our resources, which we have accumulated over the years, can save a significant amount of preliminary preparation work. We will act as a consultant in the early stage of opening your BYO store and use our experience and expertise to actively assist you in starting your own business.

Our Support

  • Trademark usage rights

  • BYO App

  • On-the-job training for employees

  • Training for management level

  • Initial support after store opening

  • Company SOP (standard operating procedures, including daily operation manual, employee rules, different practical templates, etc.)

  • POS system (system fee is sponsored by us, excluding hardware)

  • Reference for store furniture design drawings

  • New product development (our R&D team keeps up with trendy and festive desserts)

  • Continuous advisory

  • Fitting-out advisory

  • Website marketing, exposure and publicity

Want to own a Franchise Business?
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