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Member Cash Rebate Program

In order to encourage more people to know about BYO and reward members for recommending our services to their friends, BYO is now launching a member cash rebate program. As long as points members successfully refer others to BYO to hold eligible private events/parties, the member can receive up to $1,000 in cash referral rebates. ​ ​



Applicable to:

BYO store points membership (different from website login membership) ​ ​


Eligible private events/parties:

Non-discounted corporate or private events with a total cost of $8,000 or more

How to apply:

Those who reserve the venue must provide the name and phone number of the referrer (member) before the event and placing deposit, and the information must match the member information on the BYO system. The referrer must have become a store points member before this date, the referrer's information cannot be supplemented under any circumstances. ​


Rebate amount:

Event price ≥$8,000, referrer receives $800 cash rebate.

Event price $10,000, referrer receives $1,000 cash rebate.

(One out of two)

Payment method:

Transfer funds via FPS to the member's registered phone number on the BYO system. Other transfer methods or phone numbers will not be processed. Failure to accept this transfer method will be deemed as giving up the rebate.​ ​


Cash rebate date:

The transfer will be made in the above method within 60 days after the event is completed and all funds are received. ​


*In case of any dispute, BYO Co-baking Studio reserves the right to make the final decision

*Subject to any changes or cancellations without prior notice

::Additional information::

How to become a BYO store points member?

You are eligible of becoming a points member once you have enjoyed a baking session at BYO. Simply fill out the membership application form on the same day and the membership will be effective on the next working day. Each dessert can only qualify for one membership application.

Can I apply for membership day(s) after the visit date?

Unfortunately, member must be signed up on the same day.

Booking information and prices

​Last updated date: 2024/3/21

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