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  • How to make an appointment?
    Enter the reservation website-> read the reservation terms and press reservation-> select a branch-> select dessert style-> select additional services required such as: add a companion-> select the date and time of arrival-> select Additional purchases: such as candles, birthday cards, etc. -> fill in the information and enter the discount code (if any) -> choose the payment method (pay online/pay on delivery). The appointment is completed upon receipt of the confirmation email.
  • Is there an age limit for participating in DIY Baking?
    Every child aged 3-12 must be accompanied by an adult. Note that this store does not provide childcare services. The safety of children must be taken care of by the accompanying adults. If the children are in constant danger or harass other guests, the store has the right to ask the guests to leave.
  • Are there instructors on site?
    Although the self-baking is mainly led by electronic instructors, there will still be baking ambassadors on site to provide assistance when necessary.
  • Can I bring my own recipe? What is self-selected cake?
    If you want to make desserts other than the menu, you can choose "self-selected cake". This option is only suitable for experienced people. The whole process of making desserts is done by the guests themselves by referring to the recipes they have prepared, and they may need to bring some materials by themselves. If you want to choose this service, you must prepare the recipe in advance. When you make an appointment, enter the recipe link or the text version of the recipe. The customer service specialist will confirm the appointment with you and tell you if there are any materials you need to bring.
  • How long is the shelf life of desserts?
    Since the store does not use preservatives, it is recommended to enjoy the desserts completed on the day within three days to ensure the quality of the food.
  • Can the cake taste on the menu be changed?
    All the cream cakes on our menu can be changed by adding money, the choices are as follows: Stuffing to taste (+$10~$15)-strawberry-mango- blueberries- lemon -Lychee jelly -Blackcurrant Jelly Sponge cake twist (+$25)-Original-chocolate- matcha-passion fruit- lemon-strawberry-Earl Grey -Peach - Lychee
  • What is Appointment Decoration Bar?
    It is generally recommended that customers who choose cream cakes can add this option. There are more than 20 edible decorations/sprinkles in the decoration bar, such as silver beads, white/pink/black chocolate rolls, colorful pins, chocolate pins, heart star candy decorations, etc. Customers can personalize the cake with different decorations.
  • Can the appearance of macarons be freely chosen?
    The appearance of macarons can be freely developed according to your own preferences. We have a variety of macarons with different flavors on our menu. You can choose the desired flavor when you make an appointment and change the appearance by yourself during production.
  • What is the transparent ball in the add-on product? What is its function?
    The diameter of the transparent ball is 12cm. It is suitable for decoration on the cake surface. You can put your own decorations in the ball, such as dried flowers/flowers, dolls, small gifts, photos, snacks, etc. Cooperating with the drip effect can generally add points to the cake as a whole.
  • Can I reschedule or cancel after booking online?
    If you need to reschedule after making an appointment, please call the store to change. Reservations that have been paid online cannot be canceled or refunded, only rescheduled.
  • Is eating and drinking allowed in the venue?
    No. During the epidemic prevention period, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the restaurant. Guests must wear masks during the dessert making process, otherwise the staff has the right to ask the guests to leave the venue.
  • Can I bring my own decorations/fruit?
    Yes.We welcome guests to bring their own fruits and decorations to embellish the dessert and make a unique cake. At the same time, there are also various cake decorations such as: candles, birthday cards, transparent balls, edible decoration bars, etc. for customers to choose.
  • What is the companion fee/entry fee?
    Anyone who enters the store will be charged a $200 "entry fee". The production fee for one dessert can include a free entry fee for one person, and a $60 "accompanying fee" to replace the "entry fee" for one accompanying person. Note that there is a maximum of one companion for one dessert, and only the ingredients for one dessert are provided, and the rest of the guests must enter with an "entry fee". Children under the age of three are free of entry fee after presenting their ID card
  • After the production is completed, can the finished product be temporarily stored in the store? What is the refrigeration fee?
    There will be a "refrigeration fee" for temporarily storing desserts in our store: free for the first 2 hours, then $50/night (from one night)
  • How to use BYO vouchers
    As the name suggests, "cash coupons" are used to replace cash for in-store consumption, so if you want to use BYO cash coupons, you must select the option "pay at store" when making an appointment to use the cash coupons.
  • How to use the e-promo code
    The electronic discount code must be entered in the "Promotional Code" column when making an online reservation, click Confirm to use, and select online payment to use the discount. If the entire reservation process cannot be completed after entering the promotion code, the system will automatically freeze the relevant promotion code for 15 minutes. If you want to make a new appointment at this time, you must wait for 15 minutes before the discount code can be reactivated.
  • What is a DIY Kit? How is it different from self-baking?
    BYO DIY Kit is a set of material kits that guests can bake at home by themselves. We have selected some easy-to-use styles so that people who do not have too many professional equipment at home can enjoy the fun of home baking. A box of DIY Kit includes most of the required ingredients and tools, and a detailed production process is attached. Just follow the instructions to make desserts, and you can also make desserts as easily as making in a store!
  • Do you accept rush orders? Can you choose same-day delivery?
    If you need to pick up the goods on the same day, you can call 23997199 before placing an order to check whether the order can be processed on the same day, and then choose store self-pickup. If you can't pick it up at the store on the same day, we can arrange same-day shipping service for you, but the customer will be responsible for the shipping fee.
  • How should I save the DIY Kit after receiving it?
    Packages must be refrigerated as soon as possible after receipt to ensure food quality.
  • What should I do if I find that the material has deteriorated after receiving the DIY Kit?
    Because the transportation service is provided by a third party, if the delivery process is delayed by various uncontrollable factors and the food deteriorates, please take a photo of the food in question after receiving it, and then send the photo to, we will Resend another copy ASAP.
  • Inclement Weather Hours
    Yellow/red rainstorm or No. 1/3 typhoon signal: Our store is open as usual Black rainstorm or typhoon signal No. 8 is hoisted: If it is hung before the opening time, the store will not be open. If it is suspended during business hours, the store will continue to operate until the customers in the store complete and leave safely. Black rainstorm or Typhoon Signal No. 8 canceled: Before 5:00 pm: Resume business within two hours after the rainstorm or strong wind signal is canceled or lowered. After 5:00 pm: The rainstorm or strong wind signal is canceled or lowered, and our store will not be open for the day.
  • Confirmed Appointment Schedule
    Appointment when the yellow/red rainstorm or No. 1/3 typhoon signal is hoisted: You can choose to reschedule, and reservations that have been paid online cannot be refunded. Appointments during Black Rainstorm/Typhoon Signal No. 8:There is an option to reschedule/cancel. If the customer who paid online wants to cancel the reservation, please call the store to arrange a refund after the store resumes business. The refund will be returned to the credit card via paypal within 7 working days.
  • How to become a member who can save points?
    As long as you make a dessert in our store and fill out the membership application form on the same day, you can become a member who can save points. Membership will take effect on the next working day. Members must provide their phone number when they arrive at the store in order to accumulate points for the consumption.
  • Does entering a phone number when making an online reservation mean that points have been accumulated?
    No. Members must provide the staff with a phone number in the store to save points successfully.
  • Can I redeem past points?
    No, members must accumulate points immediately on the day of creation, and points cannot be reissued in the future.
  • How to get points and what are the points for?
    One point can be saved for each dessert made, and two points can be saved for introducing new members (new members must have the qualifications to become a member). If you save six points, you can make a designated dessert for free, and if you save nine points, you can make any dessert on the menu for free (except the cake you choose).
  • Can points be transferred to another member?
    No, the points registered in a member cannot be exchanged for cash, cannot be transferred to others, and cannot be renewed.
  • 網站會員等於積分會員嗎?
  • Inquiries about chartering
    BYO provides various types of private venues, such as birthday parties, corporate team building, brand activities, rental shooting, small class teaching, love matching, etc. The number of people that each branch can accommodate is different, please feel free to contact us with the Whatsapp booking hotline 63299597 for the latest booking details.
  • Rental space for small class teaching
    Our venue is available for rent for small class teaching purposes, suitable for general dessert making/handicraft classes, etc. You can choose the flexible rental plan of chartering or chartering, which actually depends on your event needs. For details, please call the Whatsapp charter hotline 63299597 for inquiries and quotations.
  • Application for Refund Form
    If the customer needs to apply for a refund after paying in cash in the store, please complete the online form below after going through the chargeback procedure on-site. The payment will be returned within 7-14 working days after approval. Refund application form: < /p>
  • Can I reschedule or cancel after booking online?
    If you need to reschedule after making an appointment, please call the store to change. Reservations that have been paid online cannot be canceled or refunded, only rescheduled.
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